Dillon Plunkett

I am a second-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Psychology at Harvard, advised by Joshua Greene.

I am researching the neuroscience of high-level reasoning and conscious cognition. How are complex mental representations assembled from component concepts in a way that facilitates the characteristic flexibility of thought? What distinguishes conscious thought from nonconscious thought and what is the functional role of consciousness?

My current work aims to address these questions primarily by using functional magnetic resonance imaging to investigate how composite mental images (mental images formed by combining distinct parts) are constructed and represented in the brain.

Previously, I was the manager of the Concepts and Cognition and Computational Cognitive Science labs at UC Berkeley, doing research in experimental epistemology, causal inference, and metareasoning with Tania Lombrozo and Tom Griffiths.

As an undergraduate, I studied philosophy and psychology at Harvard. My thesis work focused on another topic I find fascinating, the rational and moral significance of personal identity relations. Precisely what makes some future person me and why ought I care more about that person than other people?

You can reach me by My CV is available here.